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Energy Work/Energy Massage

Energy Work:

Quantum physics tells us that we are all made up of energy. In fact, everything in the Universe is energy. Everybody and everything has a surrounding energy field which scientists and highly sensitive people can tune into and observe. Like musical notes, some people’s energy harmonizes with others and some clashes. Everyone’s energy impacts all of life for good or less than good. For example, that is why some folks have a ‘green thumb.’ It seems that Mother Nature resonates with their energy and she happily cooperates. Some people are ‘lightening magnets.’ Having energy that attracts electrical storms is not something that I necessarily aspire to. Have you ever wondered why negative people seem to magnetize lots of negative drama? It’s a reflection of the negative energy that they have created.  Like attracts like–or more commonly called, ‘the law of attraction.’

There are certain people that seem to emit an energy that is life enhancing. This frequency can facilitate balance in others. Recovery time from injury or illness may accelerate. Insights may quicken. A deep peace may permeate a monkey mind. “Now, what was I so upset about?” the client may wonder. It’s as if the transmitter’s energy seems to facilitate a connecting of circuits within their client’s energy field. This apparent freeing of blocks and restoring energy flow can generate a heightened feeling of well-being.  It may also transmute old faulty thought patterns that have created emotional blocks on a conscious or unconscious level. This energy transfer is not limited by time or space. Like thought, we can think of a person after they have left the room or left the earth. Similarly, energy transfer can be just as effective when done at a distance because the receiver is often more comfortable in their own space. This may assist them to lower their defenses.

Energy enhancement can be valuable to balance any challenge in body, mind or spirit. I work with all of my clients energetically to facilitate well-being.

Are you up for a challenge? Next time you have a communication breakdown with someone, instead of the typical knee-jerk reaction of bombarding them with negative thoughts, instead, try bombarding them with Light. Just keep holding them in Light—with space around the light–every time they come to mind no matter what. Be patient—not only will you feel better–you just might be amazed at what happens!

Laurel has an amazing gift of balancing mind, body and spirit through her intuitive guidance and empowerment. My fears were paramount and I was unable to calm them. Laurel immediately offered peace of mind and hope–way beyond my expectations!!!

P. Lance, Virginia Beach, VA



What is Energy Massage? 

Energy massage is a combination of massage therapy and energy work.  Laurel has been trained in a number of Energy Therapy Modalities including:   Reiki, Mariel, CranioSacral, Healing Touch, IET (Integrated Energy Therapy).  She uses these systems as a basis for her unique type of Energy Massage.


How can Energy Massage benefit me?

Stress in the emotional body filters down to the physical body creating dis-ease that can turn into disease.  An energy massage may help you to identify the emotional blocks that create stress in your body.  It can also help to clear stress and tension on a deeper level than if you were to get the massage without the energy work.


How is Energy Massage done? 

Energy massage is done by the therapist tuning into your energy field.

(We all have an energy field surrounding us).  Integrated in to the regular massage, the therapist will hold her hands still over various places on or above your body, for a period of time. This allows her to tune into your energy field and balance your Chakras (energy vortex’s in your body).   You may experience no sensation at all.  You may experience a deepened feeling of relaxation.  You may feel like you’re floating. You may feel nothing at all—and that’s okay too.  Whether you feel sensations or not doesn’t impact the effectiveness of the therapy.  It is a very safe and gentle process.  This allows the therapist to transfer to your system the energy you may need on a body/mind/spirit level.


How will I feel after an Energy Massage? 

You may feel quite altered.  Or, the difference may be very subtle.  You may not be able to put your finger on it.  You may just feel very good, peaceful and relaxed or tired (if you need sleep.)   You may feel that something has shifted and it feels good but you really can’t define it.

Pay attention to thoughts and feelings without judging them or suppressing them.  Perhaps they have come forward to give you a message.

You may feel vulnerable, tired or energized.  You may feel emotional.  If so, do not suppress your emotions.  Rather, be with them and allow your emotional response. Whatever you feel, please honor it and keep yourself in a relaxed state for a period of time following the therapy, if at all possible.



Make sure you drink at least half your weight in ounces of purified water following massage therapy/energy work.  The body is releasing toxins and the water helps flush your system.  If you don’t drink enough water, the tissues will reabsorb the toxins and you may feel hung-over the following day.

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